A Special Science/Engineering Opportunity/ Invitation

One of our Downe U3A members John Peacock has requested we publish this proposal.
John has a long and interesting career with the BBC as an Engineer specialising in Electronics and Telecommunications and since retiring he has taken a deep interest in Nuclear Generation with a particular reference to Moltex Energy a UK/Canadian start up.
He invites interested parties to visit the MOLTEX ENERGY PORTAL browse around and find some point at which a question might arise.
This is part of Generation 4 which is a re-think on Nuclear Generation.
There are published patents with technical details and a prospectus detailing ground breaking proposals in this field which could have enormous benefits to all.
John is asking for any U3A members who would be interested in discussing and investigating this Nuclear re-thinking to contact him at this preferred email address.john0022430@gmail.com
He states not to have any Nuclear experience but is keen to discuss ideas on line with a Q&A format.
I would also point out that Environmental and Energy topics will be considered in the discussion and within this area John is very well informed.
Now that we are all likely to be in indefinite lock-down those members who are interest now have the opportunity to express their views on this fascinating subject and ward off the inevitable Cabin Fever we are all likely to experience.
P.P. John