Joining Zoom is easy, speak to Brendan if you need any help, dont be put off by the log in process as it will all fall into place and it is so simple.

The U3A Zoom meetings will be opened every Monday evening at 7pm for members to check that they can get into a meeting.  Remember that if a meeting has not been opened you will not get in – a bit like a door needing to be unlocked.

To keep us all in touch in these strange times a programme of Zoom meetings has been arranged for the months of September. Even if you have never zoomed before why not give it a go, talk to friends and enjoy the programme.

The programme is:
Tuesday 8th September – Helen Honeyman on her time in Xinjiang (in the news because of the Uygur people) – a recording to be shown on Monday 14th at 7.15pm. 
Tuesday 22nd September – Books we have read.

All these are at 10.30 am and have the same link, i.e.  (note change from 11am)
or go to and click Join a meeting, then add

Meeting ID: 770 8587 6212
Password: 7g3DGL

I look forward to you joining in with us Zoomers.
Sheila Magee
07570 103100