1. The cat family: lion, tiger, cheetah, leopard – which is the world’s fastest land animal?
2. In the song, who is the parson waiting for?
3. Before bicycles what was originally manufactured by the BSA Company?
4. Are a cow’s ears in front of or behind its horns?
5. Which song starts “The taxman’s taken all my dough”?
6. In boxing, who were nicknamed The Louisville Lip, The Boston Strong Boy and The Brown Bomber?
7. Hagiography is the writing of the lives of what?
8. When does a meteor become a meteorite?
9. Who wrote “The Day of the Jackal”?
10. Which two famous English potters had the Christian name Josiah?
11. Which artist did Don McClean sing about in “Starry Starry Night”?
12. In what order were Britain’s three kings in 1936?
13. Which planet is known as the “red planet”?
14. The berries of which shrub-like plant are used to make gin?
15. How many legs has a Bombay duck?
16. In which sea is the island of Corfu?
17. Is a Camberwell Beauty an apple, a butterfly, a potato or a bird?
18. What nationality was Adolf Hitler?
19. Actress/singer Liza Minella had a famous mother. Who was she?
20. What are your phalanges?