1. When walking, which animal lifts both feet on one side at the same time?
2. Who is the patron saint of dancers?
3. What nickname is given to a gift or possession which is useless or hard to maintain?
4. In which country is Mt Kilimanjaro?
5. Who played “Stranger on the Shore” and on which instrument?
6. Christmas: by what other name are the Magi better known?
7. What type of creature is a flying fox?
8. What do you call a pancake served with orange syrup?
9. Which cheese shares its name with a gorge?
10. Food and drink: what is beef fillet cooked in puff pastry called?
11. In 1946, Family Allowance was introduced in Britain at five shillings a week. How is it better known today?
12. Which garden flower is sometimes known as “the sword lily”?
13. In the late 19th century what gave women the urge to wear bloomers?
14. Which motor racing team is named after India’s sacred flower?
15. Name the author of “Little Women” and the names of the four sisters of the story
16. Which American jazz singer was called “The First Lady of Song”?
17. Which organisation has the words “Blood and Fire” on its crest?
18. What was invented by Elisha Otis in 1853?
19. Was Scott Joplin famous for Ragtime, Boogie-Woogie or Jazz?
20. Which famous Indian lawyer and pacifist was assassinated in New Delhi in 1948?