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  November 2018  
Thursday01walk Kilbroney meet in lower car park11amlift share council car park 9:45 to leave at 10 am
Friday02Books 310:30St Patrick Centre
Friday02Bridge2 pmGolf Club
Wednesday07Table Tennis10-12:30Ballymote Sports Centre
Wednesday07Gardening2 pmQuoile Countryside Centre
Thursday08Strollers 2:30 pm
Friday09Books 310:30St Patrick Centre
Friday09Bridge2 pmGolf Club
Monday12Books 110:30St Patrick Centre
Monday12Books 211:30St Patrick Centre
Monday12Computers and gadgets2 pmBallymote Centre
Tuesday13Craft10-12St Patrick Centre
Tuesday13Books 47 pmDownpatrick Library
Wednesday14Table Tennis10-12:30Ballymote Sports Centre
Wednesday14Art Appreciation10:30Arts Centre
Wednesday14Scrabble2pmSt patrick Centre
Wednesday14Garden2 pmQuoile Countryside Centre
Thursday15nature Delamont11 amcontact Noreen Boyd
Thursday15Opera Don Pasquale10:15Golf Club
Friday16Bridge2 pm Golf Club
Monday19Play reading10:30St Patrick Centre
Tuesday20Science Newcastle Fire Station2 pm
Wednesday21Table Tennis10-12:30Ballymote Centre
Wednesday21Gardening2 pmQuoile Countryside Centre
Friday23Stories11 amSt Patrick Centre
Friday23Bridge2pmGolf Club
Monday26Monthly Meeting10:30Golf Club
Tuesday27Film7 pmGolf Club
Wednesday28Table Tennis 10-12Ballymote Sports Centre
Wednesday28Art Appreciation10:30Art Centre
Wednesday28Gardening2 pmQuoile Countryside Centre
Friday30Bridge2 pmGolf Club
Monday3Christmas lunch
Wednesday5Table Tennis10-12:30Ballymote Sports Centre
Wednesday5Gardening2:00 PMQuoile Countryside Centre
Thursday6Walk Castlewellan Forest Park11amMeeting in main carpark in town
Friday7Books 310:30St Patrick Centre
Friday7Bridge2:00 PMGolf Club
Monday10Books 110:30St Patrick Centre
Monday10Books 211:30St Patrick Centre
Monday10Computers and gadgets2:00 PMBallymote Centre
Tuesday11Craft10 - 12St Patrick Centre
Tuesday11Books 47 pmDownpatrick Libaray
Wednesday12Table Tennis10-12:30Ballymote Sports Centre
Wednesday12Art Appreciation10:30Arts Centre
Wednesday12Scrabble2pmSt patrick Centre
Thursday13Strollers2:30Quoile Car Park
Firday14Bridge14:00Golf Club
Monday17Play reading10:30St Patrick Centre
Wednesday19Table Tennis10-12:30Ballymote Centre
Thursday20Nature10:00 AMQuoile
Friday21Stories11:00 AMSt Patrick Centre
Thursday27Strollers2:30Jane's Shore
Tuesday27Film7:00 PMGolf Club
Wednesday2Table Tennis12-OctBallymote Sports Centre
Thursday3Walk11:00 AM
Friday4Books 310:30St Patrick Centre
Tuesday8Craft12-OctSt Patrick Centre
Wednesday9Table Tennis12-OctBallymote Sports Centre
Wednesday9Art Appreciation10:30Arts Centre
Wednesday9Scabble2:00 PMSt Patrick Centre
Thursday10Bridge3:00 PMSmuggler's table
Friday11Stories11 amSt Patrick Centre
Monday14Books 110:30St Patrick Centre
Monday14Books 211:30St Patrick Centre
Tuesday15Books47:00 PMDownpatrick Library
Wednesday16Table Tennis12-OctBallymote Sports Centre
Thursday17Opera Barber of Saville10:15Golf Club
Thursday17Tropical Ravine2:00 PM
Friday18Bridge2:00 PMGolf Club
Monday21Play reading10:30St Patrick Centre
Wednesday23Table Tennis12-OctBallymotw Sports Centre
Thursday24Strollers2:30Inch Abbey
Friday25Bridge2:00 PMGolf Club
Monday28Monthly Meeting10:30Golf Club
Tuesday29Film7:00 PMGolf Club
Wednesday30Table Tennis12-OctBallymote Sports Centre
Wednesday30Gardening2:00 PMQuoile Countryside Centre